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The Case for a Three Year College Degree

Reducing the time it takes for a student to complete college could add trillions of dollars in wealth to the U.S. economy. Changes in the labor market and educational institutions mean that now is the perfect time to alter the required time to attain a college degree, says Reuven Brenner, the Repap Chair at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management.

Read full article: National Center for Policy Analysis, March 28, 2013

Published: 4 Apr 2013

Faster Learning, Route to Wealth

If students could complete their education a year faster, the many benefits would include increased personal wealth, decreased government spending, and more sustainable entitlement programs.

Published: 4 Apr 2013

Bernanke's World War II Monetary Regime

When a government spends beyond its means, the options for paying for the spree are unattractive. It can burden the populace with higher taxes, or it can wipe out a portion of creditors' wealth by inflating the money supply, repaying debts with a debased currency. Or it can do both. The United States is avoiding these choices by borrowing enormous sums, bringing federal debt to almost $17 trillion, at interest rates that the Federal Reserve has managed to keep very low. For now.

-Article by Reuven Brenner and Martin Fridson

Published: 25 Mar 2013

Accelerated learning would add trillions of dollars in wealth

If students could complete their education a year faster, the many benefits would include increased personal wealth, decreased government spending, and more sustainable entitlement programs.

Published: 22 Mar 2013

Free Markets Series E11 - Reuven Brenner - The force of finance

Free markets are essential to the technological innovations that underpin rising levels of prosperity. In this sobering interview, though, economist Reuven Brenner expresses his concern for the future of free markets, at least in the near term.

Watch full interview: YouTube, March 12, 2013

Published: 13 Mar 2013

Paris sportifs : l’affaire Donaghy. Par Reuven Brenner et Aaron Brown

Cet article, qui conclut un édito en deux parties sur les paris sportifs, est basé sur le livre World of Chance des auteurs publié en 2008 par les auteurs. La première partie est intitulée Le sport, les matchs truqués et les paris illégaux. Les auteurs étudient l’importance des paris dans le fonctionnement et le financement du sport, et s’attaquent aux préjugés négatifs dont ils souffrent bien souvent.

Published: 12 Feb 2013

Professor Reuven Brenner receives Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Professor Reuven Brenner has been awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in February 2013 for his dedication to his peers, his community, and to Canada. This commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

Published: 12 Feb 2013

Land-based spells bring crises

 Although John Law's name is now associated with the 18th century South Sea Bubble, the problem he wanted to solve was the same that central banks are struggling with today: "How much money and credit can be created without bringing about inflation, destabilizing the economy, or destabilizing the international financial system?" Law's proposal then was that a "land-collateralized" note issue would be the solution.

-Article by Reuven Brenner

Published: 28 Jan 2013

Is the potential for international diversification disappearing? A dynamic copula approach

Authors: Christoffersen, Peter F.; Errunza, Vihang R.; Jacobs, Kris; Langlois, Hugues


Published: 4 Dec 2012

The 1930s All Over Again?

Then, as today, societies were uncertain about which model of society to strive for and how to repair monetary systems. Societies bet on the wrong ideas; we may be committing similar mistakes now.

Published: 3 Dec 2012

Outstanding Result for Desautels MBA Team at FEI Best in Class Case Competition

Desautels MBA students, Alaa Abulhuda, Soeren Klatt, Lauren Merkel and Thomas Weber, took 2nd place at the 7th annual Financial Executives International (FEI) Best in Class Invitational Case Competition held in Toronto from November 15-17, 2012. After placing 4th in 2009 and 3rd in 2010, this is our Faculty’s highest placement thus far at this prestigious competition, which includes the top business schools from across Canada.

Published: 19 Nov 2012

MBA students: Head of the (asset) class

Academia can be filled with hypotheticals and theoreticals. To make it real, just add money. A growing number of Canadian business schools are implementing investing programs that buy and sell with real dollars, blurring—or eliminating— the divide between campus and Bay Street.

Published: 5 Nov 2012

MBA Programs Drawing More Applications in Quebec

Applications are up for MBA programs in Quebec, even as they have slowed in the U.S. RDI's business-news show reports on the situation, including interviews at Desautels Faculty of Management.

Featured in the interview: Professor Laurent Barras, MBA students Annjulie Beaulieu Hebert, Jean-Philippe Dulude, and Alexis Pradie

Published: 18 Oct 2012

You're never too old to learn

When John Haddon, 57, left a 22-year career in financial services in 2004, like many of us, he wasn't expecting the storms that lay on the horizon. One financial crisis later, he realised that, despite his years in the field, as an entrepreneur he was still lacking some of the skills required to navigate through choppy economic waters and a global business environment. "Although I'd been in financial services for a long while, I didn't have all that was required to 'speak the language'. I concluded that I needed to upgrade my skills," he recalls.

Published: 18 Oct 2012

Desautels students to benefit from state-of-the-art financial markets software

Students at the Desautels Faculty of Management will have access to state-of-the-art software used by financial professionals, thanks to a new agreement between the Faculty and Thomson Reuters.

Under the five-year pact, Thomson Reuters will provide software licenses for Eikon, its flagship financial-markets platform, and will supply training and support for the desktop system. The Eikon desktops give Desautels finance students and professors access to essential news, data, analytics and trading tools.

Published: 28 Sep 2012

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