Samer Faraj

Shots Fired! Switching Between Practices in Police Work

Published: 30Jun2016

Authors: Schakel, J.K,  Fenema, P.C, Faraj, S.  Publications: Organization Science Abstract:

Shots fired! Why is switching between organisational practices so difficult?

Published: 30Jun2016

Imagine you work for the police and are involved in large covert surveillance of a notorious criminal. The team is experienced and includes a helicopter, cars, a high tech listening post, and over...

Organizational knowledge generation: lessons from online communities

Published: 3Feb2016

Authors: Zablith, F., Faraj, S., Azad, B. Publication: Business Process Management Journal Abstract:

Leading collaboration in online communities

Published: 19Nov2015

Authors: Faraj, S., Kudaravalli, S., and Wasko, M. Publication: MIS Quarterly

What effective leaders in online communities do differently

Published: 13Aug2015

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University with Talking Management for The Globe & Mail. Today I am delighted to speak to one of our senior I.T. professors...

The emergence of online community leadership

Published: 29May2015

Authors: Johnson, S.L., Safadi, H., Faraj, S. Publication: Information Systems Research

Open-source health information technology: A case study of electronic medical records

Published: 27Feb2015

Authors: Hani Safadi, David Chan, Martin Dawes, Mark Roper, Samer Faraj Publication: Health Policy and Technology Abstract: