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PhD Program

Thesis Proposal - Saurin Patel


Mr. Saurin Patel, a doctoral student at McGill University in the area of Finance, will be presenting his thesis proposal entitled:

Three Essays on Mutual Funds

Thesis Defense - Shamel Addas


Mr. Shamel Addas, a doctoral student at McGill University in the area of Information Systems, will be presenting his thesis proposal entitled:

Thesis Proposal - Bogdan Negoita


Mr. Bogdan Negoita, a doctoral student at McGill University in the area of Information Systems, will be presenting his thesis proposal entitled:


The PhD specialization in Accounting focuses on issues related to the use of accounting information by various users (i.e., investors, financial analysts), the effect of regulations and of changes in accounting practices and theory. These include financial reporting and disclosure, management accounting and control systems, and historical analysis. The program emphasizes a firm theoretical base of economics designed to complement the student's practical training.

Strategy and Organization

PhD Program in Management Strategy and Organization Area

The doctoral specialization in Strategy and Organization is designed to train students in the theory and methods of strategy and organization. The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is renowned for its process approach to strategy – a focus on the dynamics through which strategies emerge and are realized in organizations, and the particular concepts and methodologies for studying the dynamics of strategic change.

Organizational Behaviour

The fundamental objective of the Organizational Behavior Area is to train world-class researchers in this field. The term "organizational behavior" refers to a collection of theory and research that focuses on individual and group attitudes, cognitions and behaviours in organizations. The faculty in the Area represent a mix of researchers from a variety of backgrounds. Some take a more cognitive, others a more practice-oriented approach in their research.

Information Systems

The objectives of the doctoral specialization in Information Systems (IS) are to promote theoretical and applied research with a combined focus on scientific rigour and relevance to information systems practice. Faculty in the IS Area conduct research on the organizational and individual impacts of information technology, on systems implementation and adoption, on resistance to change, on electronic commerce and on information systems research models.

Student loans

While pursuing their PhD studies, many students opt to take on a student loan. The following list of sources applies mostly to Canadian students and is by no means exhaustive.


Am I eligible for the PhD program?

If you hold an undergraduate and a Masters degree, with a strong academic record from recognized universities, you are eligible to apply for PhD studies.

Admission requirements

The McGill PhD in Management aims to attract individuals who possess a strong academic background, personal initiative, and the potential to become excellent researchers. Applicants are assessed according to their past academic record, evaluations by former professors or supervisors, performance on standard graduate examinations, relevant work experience and the fit between their interests and the Faculty's focus and objectives.