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Faculty in the Marketing discipline teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For a listing of courses, please see the following:

PhD Specialization in Marketing

The McGill PhD Program in Management provides students with a unique post-graduate educational experience that facilitates exposure to a variety of research approaches and interests, and to the combined resources of four top Montreal universities.

Master of Business Administration Concentration in Marketing

This concentration focuses on the development of skills in understanding customers and markets, creating value through products and services, evaluating the effectiveness of marketing programs, and managing customer relationships. It emphasizes understanding the market and stresses the formulation of successful marketing strategies in all types of environments.

Bachelor of Commerce Major in International Management

Mentors: Professors Thomas Dotzel, Hamid Etemad, Myung-Soo Jo, Martin Qiu, Min Ha Hwang and Emine Sarigöllü

The unique International Management (IM) major integrates business education with global studies, foreign language courses, and international experiences (through internship or exchange). This interdisciplinary major is highly customizable, allowing students to create a personalized curriculum that combines the areas of study that interest them most.

Learn more about the Major in International Management.

Bachelor of Commerce Concentration in Marketing

Mentors: Professors M.S. Jo and Ashesh Mukherjee

This concentration prepares the student for a wide variety of career opportunities. Marketing graduates historically have found employment in the fields of product management, advertising, sales management, marketing management, pricing, marketing research, distribution, and retailing. The Marketing concentration provides a balance between courses focusing on fundamental, theoretical and "need to know'' material, and courses with a strong practical and applied orientation.

Bachelor of Commerce Major in Marketing

Mentor: Professors M.S. Jo and Ashesh Mukherjee

This 30-credit Marketing major is designed to provide students with a strong background in marketing in order to prepare them for the wide variety of marketing careers available. The major is most appropriate for those students seeking a career in brand management, small business marketing, selling and sales management, and business-to-business marketing.

MBA Japan

Master in Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Management (GMSCM)


Hosted in Tokyo, Japan, McGill's MBA Japan Program incorporates a unique and innovative format that addresses today’s global business needs.


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Our Strategy and Organization dicipline is well-connected to industry. Members of our Faculty’s Global Strategy and Leadership Expert Panel contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures.

Through the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, members also help drive the development of the next generation of innovative entreprises.


Our Organizational Behaviour discipline is well-connected to industry. Members of our Faculty’s Expert Panel in Global Strategy and Leadership contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures.

Below is a list of Expert Panel members, practitioners in industry, who contribute to our students learning experience:

Paul Beaudry, MBA'82
Vice President, Process Industries
Air Liquide Canada

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