Business Schools Redesigned to Improve Learning

Published: 18Jan2017

Form follows function.  The philosophy that drives nature also drives business school re-design, especially in Canada.  The focus?  Creating student community.  Why the push? Business schools...

Opening doors to innovation

Published: 17Jan2017

Chemical companies are increasingly using specialist investment arms to nurture new ideas

Profile: Monia Mazigh embraces fiction as a political act

Published: 17Jan2017

Amid the political anxieties of our time, Monia Mazigh’s latest novel, Hope Has Two Daughters, presents a historical milieu where some of the worst-case scenarios already exist. In 2010 Tunisia,...

CITY DIARY: Is glamorous ex-Thomas Cook chief Harriet Green angling for a damehood?

Published: 17Jan2017

Glamorous ex-Thomas Cook chief Harriet Green, 55, now an executive at technology giant IBM, says gushingly of our Prime Minister: 'May is exciting, a grown-up, the right person at the right time to...

How Introverted Leaders Can Be Better Bosses for Extroverts

Published: 16Jan2017

Karl Moore, Associate Professor at the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Bugs on the menu as palm weevil protein hits the pan

Published: 16Jan2017

Aspire was founded by students from Canada's McGill University in 2013, and launched the Ghana project last year....

Connaissez-vous Amancio Ortega ?

Published: 16Jan2017

Tout le monde connaît Zara, la célèbre marque de prêt-à-porter branché. Mais peu connaissent Amancio Ortega, son président-fondateur. Pourtant, c’est grâce au style de leadership de son patron que...

Décollage Sainte-Ursule, direction Bombardier

Published: 16Jan2017

Chaque fois qu'Alain Bellemare prend la route de Louiseville, il laisse derrière lui son titre de président et chef de la direction de Bombardier pour mieux redevenir le fils, le frère, le neveu et...

Fundraising For A Humanitarian Startup? Show VCs The Money

Published: 16Jan2017

A noticeable fraction of the thousands of startups I have looked at in the last seven years have made attacking a societal evil (e.g., hunger, homelessness, etc) a key part of why they exist. This...

Four Canadian business schools ranked among the ‘global elite’

Published: 16Jan2017

The UBC Sauder School of Business was one of four Canadian business schools to be ranked in the Global Elite Quadrant of the QS Global 250 Business Schools Report, the Globe and Mail reported....