"Using telecare for diabetic patients: A mixed systematic review"

Published: 4Jun2014

Authors: Mignerat, Muriel; Lapointe, Liette; Vedel, Isabelle Publications: Health Policy and Technology Abstract: 

I used to work at Goldman Sachs! How firms benefit from organizational status in the market for human capital

Published: 4Jun2014

Authors: Bidwell, Matthew J.; Won, Shinjae; Barbulescu, Roxana; Mollick, Ethan Publication: Strategic Management Journal Abstract: 

Real Economic Shocks and Sovereign Credit Risk

Published: 28May2014

Authors: Augustin, Patrick; Tedongap, Romeo Publication: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Abstract: 

Appointment of Cristiane Tinmouth as Interim Assistant Vice-Principal, Financial Services

Published: 26May2014

Cristiane Tinmouth (DPA'87) has agreed to serve as Interim Assistant Vice-Principal, Financial Services – effective June 2, 2014, following the departure of Albert Caponi.

eXplorance Named in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Education, 2014” Report

Published: 23May2014

Providing course evaluation and Learning Experience Management tools, eXplorance is being designated by Gartner as innovative, intriguing and impactful in the arena of adaptive learning....

Igniting the Spark of Innovation

Published: 23May2014

From duct tape to smartphones, every great innovation started with a simple idea. Thanks to the generosity of alumni and donors, some of the game-changing ideas of the future are taking shape right...

Former CEO Of The Montreal Canadiens On Managing Superstars

Published: 16May2014

Today is start of the Montreal Canadiens vs the New York Rangers series to decide which team goes on to the Stanley Cup final. This is a big deal in Montreal – we are a hockey mad city! It was last...

Slowing Down a Faster Game - Lessons from the Montreal Canadiens On How To Win

Published: 23May2014

When you go from the minors to the big leagues the game really speeds up. Athletes often mention this with a sense of awe in their voice. Partly it is that they are playing with and against the ...


Published: 23May2014

On March 13, 2014, the Order’s Board of Directors awarded the title of FCPA to nine exceptional members. They will be honoured during the Soirée des Fellows on May 24, 2014. ...

 I'll Have an MBA with Engineering on Top ...

Published: 23May2014

Jill Russell completed a master’s in management straight after her undergraduate degree. So two decades later, when the 43-year-old started thinking about boosting her qualifications to embark on...