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Reverse mentoring: who's the learner?

From boosting retention to bridging the generation gap, reverse mentoring is brimming with potential

Published: 30Jun2016

What Makes Public Disclosure Effective?

Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is a technology employed in the production of oil and gas from unconventional shale formations. Over the last decade, tens of thousands of fracking wells have been drilled worldwide. Fracking often takes place in relatively populated areas, thus posing an array of risks to public health such as water contamination and induced seismicity. In addition to inspecting and monitoring these risks, regulators now face the challenge of keeping the public well informed about their extent.

Published: 30Jun2016

David Leduc out as D&P’s executive director

The sudden departure of David Leduc has left the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace searching for a new executive director for the second time in less than 12 months.

Leduc’s hiring was announced July 28 last year. He came to Development and Peace with a history of frontline community development work in the Middle East and 11 years as director of operations at McGill University’s International Community Action Network. His undergraduate degree in international development from Dalhousie University was supplemented with an MBA from McGill.

Published: 30Jun2016

Seven from McGill appointed to the Order of Quebec

On June 22, seven members of the McGill community were among the 34 new appointments to the National Order of Quebec, the province’s highest civilian honour.

Published: 30Jun2016

Quebecers closely watching Brexit vote results

Some Quebecers like Angus Bell are ready to pull an all-nighter to find out whether the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.

"I am very nervous. It's another referendum where it's 50-50," says Bell, who is the owner and founder of a multi-sports centre in Montreal called Ministry of Cricket and Other Homeless Sports.

Published: 30Jun2016

B-School Deans & Profs On BREXIT

Britain’s historic vote to exit the European Union has the financial markets in a tizzy and many observers expressing hyperbolic views of a disaster ahead. While BREXIT has many implications for the United Kingdom’s higher education market, much of what will actually occur is uncertain. Some conclude that there will be limited impact. Others are more pessimistic. “The global attractiveness of British higher education will take a hit,” flatly predicts John A. Quench, a Harvard Business School professor who had been dean of London Business School from 1998 to 2001.

Published: 30Jun2016

Mission: Restore - building sustainable global surgical capacity

The import of making choices is often revealed after the choice has been made.  In global health we are often faced with the reality that there is never really a “right choice” or a “wrong choice”.   It is a series of trade-offs and in low resource environments how one allocates scarce resources takes on a zero-sum persona.

Published: 27Jun2016

Crunch time: Edible-bug trend on the rise

Have you heard about the next big food trend? You won’t find it growing in your garden, but you might find it crawling there.

Published: 23Jun2016

Montreal manque de vision

Ce n’est pas moi qui fais ce constat lapidaire et déprimant, c’est Estelle Métayer, véritable gourou de l’information et des données. J’ai eu la chance de la rencontrer hier en marge du panel qu’elle animait sur la gestion des villes avec intelligence, au New Cities Summit, à Montréal.

Un mot, avant de poursuivre sur le manque de vision de Montréal, sur cette femme de 46 ans qui maîtrise quatre langues, bientôt cinq, et qui pilote des avions par passion.

Published: 22Jun2016

2016 MBAs To Watch: Fatoumata Diane, Cambridge (Judge)

Fatoumata Diane

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Age: 26

Hometown: Conakry, Guinea

Undergraduate School and Degree: McGill University, Bachelor of Commerce

Where did you work before enrolling in business school? I started my career in Montreal in the Investment Banking Division of CIBC, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Later, I took over a Financial Analyst role at Air Canada, initially focusing on labor negotiations with major unions. Following this, I was promoted to Financial Analysis Manager.

Published: 22Jun2016