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What you thought you knew about diversity is wrong

As one of only two recruitment agencies that are also Stonewall members, diversity is an issue very close to the heart of our organisation. There is a huge decline in the portrayal of these issues as merely ‘tick boxes’ or HR matters alone, but it’s important that they must be championed from the top of an organisation all the way to the ground in order for them to thrive.

Published: 31Mar2016

Does variance risk have two prices? Evidence from the equity and option markets

Authors: Barras, L.Malkhozov, A.

Publication: Journal of Financial Economics 


Published: 30Mar2016

eQube Gaming Limited Announces New Chief Financial Officer

eQube Gaming Limited (TSX-V: EQG) (“eQube” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael D. Kahn as the Company’s new Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”). 

Published: 30Mar2016

How government destroys parenthood: Reuven Brenner

Learning from their whooping crane failure?

Birth rates in western countries have declined to far below replacement levels of 2.1. Why did these countries’ last few generations give up having kids?

Published: 30Mar2016

Will Americans Ever Eat Insects for Food? Startups Say, ‘Yes, We Will!’

Aspire co-founder and COO Gabe Mott is a neuroscientist who never imagined he would be a cricket farmer. He is also a vegetarian, but he makes an exception for insects because he believes they are ethical, sustainable, and “a reasonable distribution of food.”  

He absolutely gushed over the succulent calamari-texture and sweetness of the palm weevil his company supports in Ghana. 

Published: 29Mar2016

Thesis Defense Presentation: Feng Jiao

Bronfman Building 1001 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1G5, CA

Mr. Feng Jiao, a doctoral student at McGill University in the Area of Finance will be presenting his thesis defense entitled:


Managing Upward: A Key Part Of Being A Really Useful Manager For Your People

The most important part of being a great boss is focusing on the people who work for you. Perhaps the second most important element is learning to effectively manage upward. Doing this well can be a great help to the people that work for you.

Published: 29Mar2016

DESJARDINS - Le mouvement renforce son bureau de représentation en Europe

Dirigé depuis 2012 par Lucia Baldino, 
le Bureau de Représentation Desjardins Europe était déjà appuyé par Fabienne Campion et Côme de Bagneux au cours des dernières années. auprès de sociétés basées en Europe incluant le Crédit Agricole, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation et Eutelsat. 
Il possède, en outre, une bonne connaissance du Canada, grâce à un MBA en Finance & Commerce international de l’Université McGill et l’expérience acquise chez Bombardier Aéronautique à Montréal. 

Published: 29Mar2016

McGill24 becomes most successful one-day university fundraiser in Canadian history

McGill University has announced that its recent McGill24 initiative is the most successful one-day fundraiser of its kind in Canadian university history. The school’s first-ever day of giving received nearly $800 K from over 1,600 donations, marking a rate of one donation for every 59 seconds within the 24-hour timeline. Donors reportedly gave to a number of initiatives across the university, including scholarships, entrepreneurship programs, research, and sustainability initiatives.

Published: 29Mar2016

Congratulations to the HM delegation!

Congratulations to Desautels' Happening Marketing delegation for its 5 podium wins!

1st place

B2B Marketing - Jordan Bonneville, Rachel Burk, Karen Ye

Relationship Marketing - Aarushi Kumar, Alexie Morin, Jochem Janssens 

Marketing Strategy - Graydon Clerk, Kangni Chen, Wendy Lai

Marketing Campaign - Manuel Gobeille-Leblanc, Hayley Lim, Joshua Phoon, Maripaz Fernandez

2nd place

Published: 24Mar2016