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William Shatner on the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek

The original Star Trek "Captain" is coming to Calgary later this month for an appearance at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. William Shatner joined Doug Dirks live on the phone.

Watch full video: CBC, 6 April, 2016 

Published: 8Apr2016


ASSANE GUEYE, a Senegalese-born postdoctoral researcher at America’s National Institute of Standards and Technology, is a student of systems. He studies the multiple networks of communications that hold cities together, and feels that a new scientific discipline is needed to describe these systems of systems. He hopes to create one.

Published: 8Apr2016

Montreal's Pizzeria No 900 Adds Three New Franchises

The pizza that a Montreal food critic declared the best in the city a year ago is about to become much more widely available. And not just to Montrealers. No 900, the pizzeria concept from Dominic Bujold, the founder of Sushi Shop, and pizzaiolo Alexandre Brunet (late of Stromboli and Mangiafoco), will soon expand with three new franchises, slated for the Marriott hotel on Peel, the Faubourg Boisbriand, and Quebec City.

Read full article: Eater Montreal, 1 March, 2016 

Published: 8Apr2016

New Protein Bar Inspired by Surfing Culture

Venice Beach, long known for its surfing culture, is now home to a new food product inspired by those who ride the waves: Carve Bar. The company launched in mid-March and is currently selling its first product, a chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar, on its website. Manufactured in Oakland, two more flavors of the Carve Bar are on the horizon, as is mass distribution in Southern California.

Published: 8Apr2016

Patrick Augustin awarded 2016 CME Group Foundation Grant: "Detecting Informed Trading in Illiquid Option Markets"

This research grant is awarded jointly to Patrick Augustin (Desautels), Gunnar Grass (HEC Montreal), Marti G. Subrahmanyam, Charles E. Merril (New York Stern School of Business)


Published: 8Apr2016

Finance in Emerging Markets

Editor: Vihang Errunza 

Publication: Routledge


Published: 8Apr2016

Self-directed coaching for McGill employees and teams

Co-developed by Professor Henry Mintzberg and McGill grad Phil LeNir, CoachingOurselvesis a tool for sparking employee discussion and growth. It’s found success across Canada and around the world, and if you’re a McGill employee, you can use it for free to grow, network, and help achieve your full professional potential.

Read full article: McGill Reporter, April 5, 2016 

Published: 6Apr2016

Obama: ‘No difference between capitalism and communism’

Hard to know what is more shocking: A president of the United States stating in a Buenos Aires speech last week that there is “no difference between capitalism and communism, choose whatever works” (see video link in the endnote) or the fact that this statement has not received coverage.

Reuven Brenner holds the Repap Chair at McGill University’s Desautels faculty of Management. The article draws on his Force of Finance. 

Published: 6Apr2016

The Debate: Standalone Business Schools vs Management Faculties

The strength of business schools within universities

Business schools that are established within universities benefit from an ability to offer students a broad scope of opportunities and experiences. These environments have larger faculties with greater diversity, more ongoing research projects and extensive resources, and a wider variety of programs.

Published: 6Apr2016