Opinion: In Montreal, leadership diversity remains a work in progress

Published: 9Jan2017

Efforts to advance evidence-based approaches to diversity and inclusion are more important than ever, particularly in the wake of the U.S. election. The campaign and its outcome exposed misogyny...

The best thing I read all year — 2016

Published: 9Jan2017

Business school professors share the books and articles that changed their outlook....

Le Brésil se tourne vers l’OMC pour contrer Bombardier

Published: 9Jan2017

La bataille qui a ponctué les 20 dernières années recommence : après l’avoir évoqué il y a quelques mois, le Brésil a confirmé lundi qu’il se tournera vers l’Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC)...

Nouveaux défis pour l'avocate du CH!

Published: 9Jan2017

Cette avocate vient d’être promue vice-présidente exécutive, affaires commerciales et corporatives du Club de hockey Canadien, Centre Bell et Evenko......

Pourquoi les manufacturiers doivent augmenter leur productivité de 5 % par année

Published: 9Jan2017

«C’est extrêmement ambitieux, il faut en être conscient. Electricity symbols ks2 Mais je pose la question : avons-nous le choix ?» demande le patron des MEQ dans un entretien avec Les Affaires....

Here are all the UK tech figures named in the Queen's New Year's Honours list

Published: 9Jan2017

Imran Amed is founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion, the online news site for the fashion industry....

Convergent Innovation Webinar Series: Pulse Program


The Convergent Innovation Webinar Series will feature cutting edge science, technology and innovation in agriculture, food and health domains as well as in the behavioral, commercial, social and...

Business schools heed the call for more data-literate graduates

Published: 9Jan2017

Deloitte Analytics and other companies have been pushing Canadian universities for years to produce more data-literate graduates to fill their talent needs. Their efforts appear to be paying off,...

Sick of All the Employee Engagement Talk? It’s Far From Over

Published: 6Jan2017

Some people have gotten fed up with the hoopla surrounding employee engagement, as evidenced by these articles from Fistful of Talent, HR Magazine and ERE Media. It’s not hard to understand their...

Design to benefit the world: This solar-powered backpack improves health and education

Published: 6Jan2017

After moving to Montreal to attend McGill University, Visram designed the Soular Backpack to help tackle one of the "multitude of problems related to education of children in Kenya." Many children...