5N Plus Holds Its Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Appoints New Chairman of the Board

Published: 9May2014

5N Plus Inc., the leading producer of specialty metal and chemical products, held its Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders yesterday in Montreal, Quebec. ...

In Haiti, Making Social Sustainability Essential to Apparel Factory Life

Published: 13May2014

Threads 4 Thought, Boxercraft, Arcade Fire and OSP Group are just a few of the customers placing production with Industrial Revolution II (IRII), and if you asked them why they chose the Port-au...

Talking Management: Incentives the Best Way to Fix What’s Ailing Greece

Published: 13May2014

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to Michael Jacobides, associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship from the London Business School....

The Amazing Mace

Published: 16May2014

When Richard III was frantically canvassing Bosworth Field for a horse, the mace was still feared as a “bruising iron of wrath.” 

Farm to Family (and, Hopefully, Health and Wealth)

Published: 16May2014

When you think about efforts to improve global health, your mind is likely to turn to medical interventions: vaccines, health worker training, supplies, health infrastructure improvements and the...

Gentle Stewardship

Published: 21May2014

Humility is the key to ‘good’ leadership and the antidote to those models of ‘heroic’ leadership that were always doomed to fail, writes Sharon Turnbull.

Airline Charges

Published: 21May2014

Guest host Piya Chattopadhyay spoke with Karl Moore. He is an Associate Professor of Strategy at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. For more on this story, tune in to The...

Air Canada to Take Delivery of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Published: 21May2014

After waiting seven years, Air Canada executives will finally head to Seattle this weekend to pick up a Boeing 787 plane, the first of 37 Dreamliners on order....

Extending Empathy Is Key to Human Survival, Says Academic

Published: 21May2014

Society needs to undergo an empathic revolution if we are to survive as a species, says Anita Nowak of McGill University speaking at PINC 15 in the Netherlands....

McGill Shows Its Colours in Supporting Les Canadiens

Published: 21May2014

Just a week after upsetting the heavily-favoured Boston Bruins in a thrilling seven-game series in the second round of the NHL playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens find themselves in tough against the...