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Keynote Speaker & Networking | McGill Dobson Cup

Brown Student Services 3rd Floor , 3600 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0G3, CA

All participants of the McGill Dobson Cup are invited to hear a world-class entrepreneur (TBD) speak about their experiences in life, business, and more.

Australia’s top court decides in favor of trade detention centers

On a flight back from Moscow in 1992, following meetings with parliament members and the late Mr. Yegor Gaidar, then finance minister, I wrote up the tongue-in-cheek conversation I had with them at the time, when they all complained about Russia having only its natural resources to sell.  Please bear with me how this episode is linked to Australian highest court recent decision to export “asylum seekers” to detention centers in Nauru, a minuscule, isolated island with few thousand inhabitants in the midst of the Pacific.

Published: 10Feb2016

Girl Boss: Victoria Poon, Sponsorship Coordinator of P[H]assion

Today, Her Campus McGill is sharing our interview with Victoria Poon, a sponsorship coordinator of P[h]assion McGill. P[h]assion is a Desautels Faculty of Management non-profit student organization known for its numerous events on-campus. If you want to find out more about this cutie and the organiztion, please continue reading!

Read full article: Her Campus, 9 February, 2016

Published: 10Feb2016

Men’s online dating habits more bold than women’s, study finds

With the social acknowledgment of popular dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, online dating has quickly gained traction in recent years. But when human interaction moves online, according to a recent study, behavior might be lost in translation.

Published: 10Feb2016

Michael DiGenova: Student By Day, Software Wiz By Night

Meet Mike DiGenova! This U3 Pharmacology student knows “absolutely nothing” about programming, but is running his own software company!He’s got big plans to improve the future of studying for McGill and other university students alike.

Published: 10Feb2016

Sustainable Innovation through Green Chemistry: Engaging Graduate Students Outside of Disciplinary Silos

Green chemistry is a rapidly growing area of interest for industry as companies face increased regulatory requirements, supply constraints, and consumer demands for sustainable products. Business innovation is a powerful means to achieve sustainable development, but challenges associated with marketability of clean technologies must be considered for effective implementation.

Published: 10Feb2016

Yann Cornil presents at the Consumer Behaviour Webinar Series


The Impact of Sensory Imagery and Sensory Menus on Food Portion Choice, Savoring, and Eating Enjoyment: Evidence from Lab Experiments and from a Restaurant Study

Thursday, February 11th, 2016 | 11:00-12:15pm

Professor Vedat Verter elected Board Member of POMS

Professor Vedat Verter has been elected as a Board Member of Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) for a two-year term starting January 2016. With more than 2,000 members, POMS is a premier international professional organization that brings together the POM scholars and professionals from around the world. Its flagship journal Production and Operations Management is on the Financial Times 45 and Business Week 20 lists. Read more about POMS.

Published: 9Feb2016