« Les avocats ont un cerveau différent »

...Le fait est que ça ne suffit pas de connaître seulement la loi : il faut avoir des connaissances en gestion, en relations interpersonnelles, mais les Facs de droit continuent d’enseigner ce qui était utile voici 25 ans. Il faut que ça change. Le spécialiste de la gestion de l’Université McGill, Harry Mintzberg, l’a écrit : le monde a besoin de gestionnaires, pas de détenteurs de MBA. C’est la même chose en droit : il faut des avocats bien formés, pas seulement des juristes.

Published: 24Nov2016

How to attract top talent to engineering

...Sexism plays a role. Professor Brian Rubineau of McGill University in Canada conducted a long-term study of 700 female engineering students. The survey included voluntary diary entries to log their experiences. Professor Rubineau concludes: “Many of the women in our study experienced blatant gender bias in their project teams and internships. Much of the hands-on aspects of engineering are treated as men’s work, with women relegated to more secretarial duties.”

Published: 24Nov2016

American discontent stems from the pretense of caring

Written by Reuven Brenner

"If we can prevent the Government from wasting the labor of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy,” Thomas Jefferson said.

The last few decades in the US showed that the “we” Jefferson referred to were not successful achieving this goal.

Read full article: Asia Times, November 3, 2016 


Published: 24Nov2016

The pitfalls of infrastructure spending: Lessons from Canada

Written by Reuven Brenner

Recent experience and debates about spending on infrastructure as being the panacea for Japan, the US, Western Europe, Canada, for job creation in particular, have reminded me of a long, detailed study I wrote about that topic back in 1998 about the miserable Canadian experience. At the root of that experience was the destruction of accountability in the federal government: and it is worth repeating how that happened. Perhaps present decisionmakers in political capital today can learn some lessons.

Published: 24Nov2016

Three Indo-Canadians are Honorees at Royal Society of Canada

Three Indo-Canadians have been named Honorees in the prestigious Royal Society of Canada (RSC). All three are academics teaching and conducting research in various disciplines at McGill University in Montreal.

They are Dr. Vijay Raghavan, James McGill Professor, Department of Agricultural Engineering; Prof. Saibal Ray, Vice-Dean, Research and Faculty at the Desautels Faculty of management and the Director of the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Program; and Prof. Hosahali S. Ramaswamy, Professor of Food Science and Agriculture Chemistry.

Published: 24Nov2016

Head of the Class

McGill University is considered to be one of the top 30 universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2016 and its Desautels Faculty of Management is ranked in the top 20 on Bloomberg’s list of Best International MBAs 2015.

Published: 24Nov2016

Comedian is rising through the ranks at Second City

Young and ambitious, Nadine Djoury is passionate about comedy and determined to succeed in the business.

A Montrealer, Djoury obtained a degree in business and commerce at McGill, then in 2007 headed down to New York City to work in the finance industry. However, after office hours she pursued her true love – comedy. Realizing that New York was a cornucopia of first-rate performing arts classes, she studied with various teachers and participated in amateur comedy reviews.

Published: 24Nov2016

Le bon plan de la Desautels Faculty of Management, au Québec

Dans le bâtiment cubique qui abrite la Desautels Faculty of Management, sur Sherbrooke, l’une des principales artères de Montréal, on entend parler français presque autant qu’anglais. Et pas seulement avec le délicieux accent québécois. Desautels, l’une des facultés de l’université McGill, est une business ­school dont la cote monte parmi les étudiants de l’Hexagone.

Published: 24Nov2016

Research Proposal Presentation: Carlos Rueda

Bronfman Building 1001 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1G5, CA

Mr. Carlos Rueda, a doctoral student at McGill University in the Area of Strategy & Organization will be presenting his research proposal entitled:

Robust optimal control with adjustable uncertainty sets

Authors: Xiaojing Zhanga, X., Kamgarpoura, M., Georghiou, A., and Lygeros, J.

Publication: Automatica


Published: 18Nov2016