Immobilier résidentiel: printemps post-électoral à Montréal

Published: 11Apr2014

Maintenant que la saison froide - et surtout la campagne électorale - est terminée, l'industrie immobilière anticipe un certain redressement du marché ce printemps à Montréal....

Eating Bugs

Published: 11Apr2014

Bringing bugs to more plates around the world may be one solution to changing our food supply as the planets population continues to grow.Jesse Pearlstein and Shobita Soor are McGill MBA students...

Herald Food Writer Bugs Out for Dinner

Published: 11Apr2014

Between the three of us, a small plate is piled high with the grasshopper bodies....

Mintzberg On Why You Need To View A Company As 'A Community Of Human Beings'

Published: 11Apr2014

“I’m a human being, not a human resource”. Is something I have heard my colleague Henry Mintzberg say a number of times. It really seems to resonate with people. Recently Henry published on his...

Reflections from South Korea

Published: 11Apr2014

Recently, I visited South Korea and Mongolia along with a group of McGill University undergraduates and alumni. This trip was part of the Hot Cities of the World Tour organized by Professor Karl...

Canada’s Bensadoun Becomes Billionaire Selling Aldo Shoes

Published: 11Apr2014

Tanya Graber, a resident of Switzerland, researched fashion retailer Aldo on the Internet before her vacation to New York City....

CA Program Awarded Mid-Program Scholarships to CA Students

Published: 11Apr2014

On April 8, the CA program awarded two mid-program scholarships to 8 CA students....

Professor Etzion selected as finalist for Giarratani Rising Star Award

Published: 11Apr2014

Professor Dror Etzion was selected as a finalist of this year's Giarratani Rising Star Award (GRSA) for his paper entitled, “Institutional logics and environmental strategy in the office furniture...

eKutir’s VeggieLite Gains Gates Foundation Grant

Published: 10Apr2014

eKutir’s new project VeggieLite is a recipient of Grand Challenges India 2014, supported by the Gates Foundation, USAID and DBT, the Indian government’s anti-poverty scheme.