Industry reacts to vote to renew US terrorism insurance act

Published: 20Jan2015

Industry leaders have been reacting to the news that the US Congress has voted overwhelmingly in favor or reauthorizing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act for six years. The vote stalled before...

The bitter truth about entrepreneurial success

Published: 20Jan2015

If you have taken a class in entrepreneurship recently from the top business schools of the world, chances are that many of the lessons taught were not based on sound knowledge. Worse, it is likely...

Personnalités humanisme et accomplissement personnel

Published: 20Jan2015

Personnalités humanisme et accomplissement personnelOLIVIER BABIN En mai dernier, Olivier Babin a obtenu une note parfaite de 45/45 pour l'ensemble de ses examens finaux au Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf....

How Shame and Guilt differ when it comes to Marketing

Published: 20Jan2015

Written by DaHee Han You’d be right in thinking that shame and guilt are negative emotions, but they can actually be used to create successful marketing campaigns. What marketers really need to...

Alderon Appoints Interim CFO

Published: 20Jan2015

Alderon Iron Ore Corp. (TSX: ADV) (NYSE MKT: AXX) (“Alderon” or the “Company”) announces the appointment of Mr. Anthony Glavac as Interim Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) of the Company effective...

The Wednesday interview: The power of introverts

Published: 20Jan2015

When you think of a leader you most likely think of a loud, outgoing, take-charge personality. But not all leaders fit that mould. McGill business professor Karl Moore talks with Peter Tardif about...

Why Every Agency Needs a Chief Management Officer

Published: 20Jan2015

Forty years ago, Henry Mintzberg, of McGill University, asked the simple question: “What do managers do?” To Mintzberg managers were not just corporate CEOs but also “vice presidents, bishops,...

Raptor Pharmaceutical Appoints Gregg Lapointe and Georges Gemayel to Board of Directors

Published: 20Jan2015

Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. (RPTP) today announced the appointment of Gregg Lapointe and Georges Gemayel, Ph.D. to its Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2015. As previously disclosed, they...

Presentation Skills Workshop


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Health Management Seminar: Risk and Cost in Healthcare Delivery Networks


Health Management Seminar Risk and Cost in Healthcare Delivery Networks:Data-driven and Analytical Models Fernanda Bravo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Sloan School of Management