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Béliveau set a fine example

What Would Jean Béliveau Do?
There should be a course at Canadian universities with that title to teach young people about important life skills in different situations. That could be one way to honour the Canadiens legend following his funeral this week.

Published: 21Sep2015

Summers, Krugman, Bernanke – arcykapłani makrostrologii

This op-ed is written by Professor Reuven Brenner

Od kilku miesięcy Larry Summers powtarza tezę, że mamy do czynienia z „długotrwałą stagnacją”, przez co rozumie trwały spadek zagregowanego popytu na świecie, zwłaszcza w USA. Bernanke twierdzi, że niskie stopy procentowe to winna cyklu koniunkturalnego i czynników nadzwyczajnych, a nie Fed – co z kolei krytykuje Krugman.

Published: 21Sep2015

L'avenir du management, selon Henry Mintzberg

Aristote enseignait la philosophie en déambulant, convaincu que cela aidait à mettre l'esprit en mouvement. Nietzsche affirmait que «les seules pensées valables viennent en marchant». Et aujourd'hui, un autre penseur s'y met : Henry Mintzberg, le professeur de l'Université McGill.

Read full article: Les Affaires, September 19, 2015

Published: 18Sep2015

McGill lance un premier «GROOC» sur l’entrepreneuriat social

Le 16 septembre prochain, le début des cours se fera en ligne pour les élèves inscrits au premier « GROOC » (pour Group MOOC) de la faculté de gestion Desautels de McGill. À travers un MOOC (massive open online course, ou cours en ligne ouvert à tous) pour groupes, les professeurs derrière le projet, Henry Mintzberg, Leslie Breitner et Anita Nowak , révolutionnent les codes de la classe traditionnelle pour initier une discussion sur l’initiative sociale. 

Published: 18Sep2015

Universities participation vital to QI’s success

What can we do to revitalize our neighborhoods while propelling Montreal forward as an international hub of innovation?

Published: 18Sep2015

The Big Benefits of Eliminating Middle Managers

It’s been an eventful year for Tom Osovitzki, the 38-year-old CEO of Corporate Travel Management Solutions. From an office in Miami, he lists a few big wins for the firm, which handles travel arrangements for corporations.
... “After a few years, employees came to us saying there weren’t any opportunities for growth,” recalls Melissa Sonberg, who was part of those discussions and now serves as executive-in-residence at Desautels faculty of management. “This is a multibillion-dollar company, but there were none of the ladders and steps to demonstrate achievement.”

Published: 18Sep2015

Gurus have ideas to improve meetings—do any work?

Few words are more menacing to today's office worker: "Reminder: Meeting … in 15 minutes."
... Neither meetings, nor widespread frustration with them, are a 21st century creation. In 1973, Canadian business management expert Henry Mintzberg was among the first to examine the problem. His book "The Nature of Managerial Work" found that more than half of managers' time in his sample was spent in meetings.

Read full article: CNBC, September 17, 2015

Published: 18Sep2015

Beakerhead festival attendees to dine on crickets

Many people would gag at the thought of snacking on crickets. But on Wednesday, the brave crew on the Calgary Eyeopener gave them a try and unanimously decided the insects actually taste like sunflower seeds.

"I'd do another one," said traffic reporter Angela Knight, who was the first to pop a crunchy morsel in her mouth. But she preferred the Crickers — crackers made from crickets which have been milled into a powder. The cricket powder is paleo-friendly, gluten-free and a surefire way to not get any legs or antennae stuck between your teeth.

Published: 17Sep2015

Para além da gestão técnica

“Contratamos executivos pelas habilidades técnicas e demitimos devido ao comportamento.” Essa frase, dita com certa frequência por profissionais de recursos humanos, sintetiza um desafio comum aos programas de MBA (Master of Business Administration): como formar gestores aptos a lidar com problemas de contabilidade e finanças, mas que também saibam articular o trabalho da equipe, lidar com processos de demissão e trabalhar em meio a cenários empresariais, sociais e políticos complexos?

Published: 17Sep2015

Revelstoke Equity Inc. to Enter Into a Business Combination With Zonetail Inc.

Revelstoke Equity Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent dated September 14, 2015 to enter into a business combination with Zonetail Inc..

Published: 17Sep2015