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"Diffusion of a collaborative care model in primary care: a longitudinal qualitative study," BMC Family Practice
"Do Implicit Barriers Matter for Globalization?," Review of Financial Studies
"Do Women Choose Different Jobs from Men? Mechanisms of Application Segregation in the Market for Managerial Workers," Organization Science
"Douce" breaks loose as Redmen rally to beat X-men at CIS championships
"Effects of Social and Temporal Distance on Evaluation of Corporate Ambivalent Behavior," Social Behavior and Personality
"Elective Stock Dividends and REITs: Evidence from the Financial Crisis," Real Estate Economics
"Exploring Digital Creativity in the Workspace: The Role of Enterprise Mobile Applications on Perceived Job Performance and Creativity," Computers in Human Behavior
"Extraordinary" Canadian Physician Wins National Award for Contributing to Global Health
"Factors influencing information distortion in online deliberations: The effects of informational characteristics and regulatory focus," Computers in Human Behavior
"Firm and Ownership Structures and Internationalization: Two Case Studies of Firms in the New Zealand Seafood Industry," The Process Of Internationalization In Emerging Smes And Emerging Economies
"Food for Thought" Launches Today!
"Food vs. fuel" debate to be featured at McGill science conference
"For your information": IT news from across the University
"Friend or Foe? The Effects of Contingent Employees on Standard Employees' Work Attitudes," The International Journal of Human Resources Management
"From Autonomous Strategic Behavior to Emergent Strategy," Strategic Management Journal
"From Mesopotamia to Megabytes": Oct. 20, 1:45 pm, McLennan Library Bldg
"From Microscope to Stethoscope" brings a breath of hope to asthmatic patients
"Good writing in the 21st century needs clarity," Steven Pinker tells CBC
"Health Information Technologies in Geriatrics and Gerontology: A Mixed Systematic Review," Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
"Hedge Fund Return Predictability Under the Magnifying Glass," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
"Hybrid Simulation-Analytical Modeling Approaches for the Reverse Logistics Network Design of a Third-Party Logistics Provider," Computers and Industrial Engineering
"Identity In and Around Organisations," The European Business Review
"If These Walls Could Talk: The Mutual Construction of Organizational Space and Legitimacy," Organization Science
"Impact on Hospital Admissions of an Integrated Primary Care Model for Very Frail Elderly Patients," Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics
"Improving Hospital Efficiency: A Process Model of Organizational Change Commitments," Medical Care Research and Review
"Incentives, Capital Budgeting, and Organizational Structure," Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
"Job Scope, Affective Commitment, and Turnover: The Moderating Role of Growth Need Strength," Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
"Jus Fly" Darlington breaks oldest-standing track record at McGill
"La mondialisation et l'enseignement du droit"
"La Relève": Two future Family Physicians from McGill interviewed by l'Actualité Médicale
"Liderando com Maestria: Desenvolvendo a Capacidade de Contribuição Significativa," Revista Interdisciplinar de Gestao Social
"Literature Review of Interprofessional Research on Inpatient Pharmacy Operations," American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy
"Matching Patient and Physician Preferences in Designing a Primary Care Facility Network," Journal of the Operational Research Society
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