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Karl Moore

Management and the millennial challenge

Fri, 2017-05-19 10:12

A recent episode of Desautels Professor Karl Moore’s The CEO Series podcast takes a deep-dive into a subject at the top of many a manager’s mind: millennial workers, their needs, and the management styles they respond to best.

His guests were millennials Mariama Dupuis and Stefanie Kutteh, both of whom are Desautels MBA students who are simultaneously holding down careers.

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How introverted managers can best interact with extroverted employees

Fri, 2017-05-19 10:07

In an article for Thinkers 50, Desautels Professor Karl Moore discusses how introverted managers can best direct extroverts.

A major part of it comes down to the way introverts listen: whereas extroverts tend to listen in an active way, interacting and gesturing as they do so, introverts are passive listeners, which can come across as rejection.

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AMT rejects Bombardier bid for new train cars, goes with Chinese firm

Thu, 2017-05-18 11:03

At one point, Bombardier would have been a shoo-in for the contract to build new commuter-train cars for Montreal’s Agence Métropolitaine de Transport, but not this time.

Instead, the contract is going to the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, which bid at $69 million, compared to Bombardier’s $103 million — and boasts a wait of six-months less for the new cars.

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Air Canada moves to a new loyalty program after 2020

Tue, 2017-05-16 10:02

After 2020, Air Canada plans to be running its own in-house loyalty program instead of sticking with Aeroplan. So, what does that mean?

For now, not much. Aeroplan members have plenty of time to use up their points. But once Air Canada shifts to its new plan, there are several possibilities.

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WestJet pilots vote to unionize

Tue, 2017-05-16 09:54

The last time WestJet’s pilots voted on unionization, only 45 per cent were in favour — but times change.

Last Friday, 62 per cent voted to make the Air Line Pilots Association their bargaining agent, despite WestJet’s stance that being non-union represents a competitive advantage.

Professor Karl Moore calls the vote a likely result of the growth that WestJet has undergone since its early days, saying that the airline has “lost that kind of feisty upstart David and Goliath feeling.”

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Public pressure, executive chairman resignation come among wider troubles for Bombardier

Mon, 2017-05-15 14:13

Ballooning C Series costs, job losses and government cash all played into the recent investor revolt at Bombardier, but running underneath are other problems: The C Series is picking up steam after a slow start, but faces new hurdles in the form of complaints filed by Boeing.

On the rail side, the company’s Swedish office has been rocked by bribery charges, while flaws are hampering rail-car development in Australia — and the company has missed delivery deadlines for Toronto’s new street cars and light rail cars.

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Public outcry prompts Pierre Beaudoin to give up Bombardier executive role

Mon, 2017-05-15 13:55

Public demonstrations and a shareholder revolt weren’t enough to keep Bombardier chairman Pierre Beaudoin from re-election, though he has stepped back from his former executive role.

Bombardier’s institutional investors by and large withheld support for Beaudoin and the executive pay raise, but Bombardier’s two-tiered share structure gives the founding family control; both measures passed easily.

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For Quebecers, Bombardier’s shine has worn off

Mon, 2017-05-15 13:49

By all accounts, Quebecers have had it with Bombardier, and they showed it during the company’s annual meeting last week. After months of bad news, culminating in government bailouts and 14,000 jobs hitting the chopping block, the word that top execs were getting an almost 50-per cent pay raise made many throw up their hands in disgust.

In response, the founding family doubled down on the executive compensation in the name of retailing top talent.

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Bombardier annual meeting turns into crucible for CEO Pierre Beaudoin

Fri, 2017-05-12 14:38

As late as Thursday morning, it was still not clear whether Pierre Beaudoin would be able to hang on as Chairman of Bombardier’s board of directors. Even though the founding family’s Class A shares give them over 50 percent of the voting power, the investor revolt that is currently raging is a clear indication that there is a real appetite for change.

Desautels Professor Karl Moore says that, though the board must pay attention to governance issues, Mr. Beaudoin is a valuable asset.

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Bombardier in major shareholder showdown

Fri, 2017-05-12 13:45

The fallout from Bombardier’s executive compensation scandal isn’t over yet. After the company’s recent bad-news cocktail of layoffs, ballooning C Series development costs, and a heavy taxpayer payout, the executive pay issue has raised eyebrows. Several high-profile institutional investors have had enough, and noted that they would be withholding their support — including, but not limited to, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Quebec.

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