Talking about Whole Person Care

Transforming healthcare through whole person care

Dr. Tom Hutchinson joins Global’s Laura Casella to talk about whole person care – what it means and how it may transform health care in Quebec.

Whole Person Care. Transforming Healthcare

by Dr. Tom A. Hutchinson

Targeted review of theoretical and clinical foundations of whole person careOffers practitioners a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, skills and tools necessary for the practice of whole person care.

This book argues persuasively and passionately that patient care is best when the patient’s healing journey is as good as it can possibly be. That means the patient as a Whole Person – the self in all its physiological, emotional, social and even spiritual dimensions – should receive truly comprehensive patient-centered care.

In Whole Person Care: Transforming Healthcare, the author, an expert in whole person care theory and practice, outlines the background of whole person care, explains and illustrates the key ideas, puts the growing movement of whole person care in the context of other recent developments in healthcare, and explores the implications of whole person care for individual practitioners, healthcare teams, and the organization of healthcare at the institutional and systems level. In addition, the author provides a compelling, coherent narrative, rich with clinical examples and vignettes, that clarifies for physicians, medical students and healthcare administrators the meaning of whole person care and its implications for the future of medical practice. An invaluable resource for all clinicians and personnel concerned with managing patients with acute and chronic illness, Whole Person Care: Transforming Healthcare is a major addition to the literature and a must-read for health practitioners and health administrators at every level.

Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health 

Keep Calm and Thrive On - an Interview with Dr. Tom A. Hutchinson, November 2015

One of the key tenets of active health is prevention. Dr. Tom A. Hutchinson, Professor in the Department of Medicine and Director of McGill Programs in Whole Person Care, says healing is relevant at all times, not only when illness is present. Listen to this interview in which he discusses everyday mindfulness/stress management and how it can radically impact wellbeing.

The Reporter

McGill University | Montreal, Quebec | Thursday, March 18, 2010

With Dr. Tom Hutchinson, Director, McGill Programs in Whole Person Care

Dr. Tom Hutchinson
Photo: Owen Egan

In 1999 Dr. Balfour Mount, the father of Palliative Care in North America, and Dr. Abraham Fuks, then Dean of Medicine, instituted the McGill Programs in Whole Person Care (WPC) with a simple goal: to establish research and educational programs that integrate the existential and physical aspects of illness as a way to better understand how to respond to suffering while enhancing the quality of patients’ lives. more

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