The 4th International Congress on 
Whole Person Care

Congruent Responses to a World in Crisis: Courage, Compassion, Community, and the Heart of the Healer

October 21-24, 2021

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs

Our mindfulness - based stress reduction eight-week programs include intensive training in mindfulness meditation and its integration into the challenges of daily life and medical practice.

Led by Patricia Dobkin, Ph.D., Certified MBSR Instructor

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Transforming healthcare through WHOLE PERSON CARE

What is WHOLE PERSON CARE, what it means, and how it may transform medical practice.

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MD Aware: A Mindful Medical Practice Course Guide

By Stephen Liben & Tom A. Hutchinson

Ideal resource for teachers interested in setting up a MINDFUL MEDICAL PRACTICE course in a medical school.

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Relating to Patients: Connection, Awareness, Relationship, Engagement

An experiential workshop, facilitated by Dr. Tom Hutchinson, pioneered by the Department of Medicine and offered to all clinical members of the Department.

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The International Journal of Whole Person Care

The Journal showcases the efforts of healthcare professionals and their patients, researchers and others from around the world working to treat the person holistically with dignity and compassion. 

All articles are freely available without subscription or price barriers.

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Films that Transform: In Dialogue with Others on the Journey

A film series that provides a forum for the general public to meet with medical students and other members of the McGill medical community to view and discuss films that will encourage viewers to explore the meaning of healing and “wellness” in daily life.

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Whole Person Care


To transform western medicine by synergizing the power of modern biomedicine with the potential for healing of every person who seeks the help of a healthcare practitioner. We plan to achieve this objective by serving as champions for whole person care at McGill and in the wider community through our teaching, research and translation of knowledge.

Traditionally, the existential and spiritual aspects of illness and their relationship to health care outcomes have received limited attention within the educational and research environment of North America. In recognition of this fact, the McGill Programs in Integrated Whole Person Care were instituted in February 1999 on the initiative of Dean Abraham Fuks and Dr. Balfour Mount. The initial proposal to develop and to implement the Programs established the need for further research studies and educational programs that address the subjective experience of illness so as to include the spiritual and/or existential components of personhood, as well as the physical and emotional elements that are currently the focus of attention in the medical profession.

The McGill Programs in Whole Person Care are based on the premise that in situations in which treatment is unable to change the disease outcome, it may be possible to create a space in which healing can occur. Lessons about quality of life and individuation, learned in the arena of advanced illness, also have relevance earlier in the disease trajectory and for those who are physically well. While the existential/spiritual domain is known to be an important determinant of quality of life, there has been little emphasis on integration of these issues in health care. The Programs therefore seek to integrate the physical aspects of personhood along with the psychosocial and existential/spiritual ones, and to better understand how to respond to suffering experienced by the whole person.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Donner Canadian Foundation and the Max Bell Foundation. Tax-deductible donations to McGill Programs in Whole Person Care can be made by contacting our office.

Experiential Learning and Reflection to Support Professionalism and Professional Identity Formation

Dr. Tom Hutchinson discusses experiential learning, mindful clinical congruence, physicianship and other fascinating topics. 

International Journal of Whole Person Care

The Journal publishes work that harmonises the power of modern biomedicine with the potential for healing of every person who seeks the care of a healthcare practitioner. All articles are freely available without subscription or price barriers.

Whole Person Care Podcasts

These podcasts feature honest conversations, resources, inspiration, and exciting insights. Hope they will help you cultivate more balance and ease in your work and life, and feel like a whole person in the process!

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