Relating to Patients: Connection, Awareness, Relationship, Engagement

Relating to Patients: Connection, Awareness, Relationship, Engagement

April - December, 2016, The McGill University Health Centre

What are Virginia Satir’s survival stances and how do they relate to the practice of medicine? This and other topics such as the role of mindfulness and empathy in clinical care are explored in an experiential workshop being pioneered by the Department of Medicine for all clinical members of the Department. The workshop, which takes a morning and is credited for 3.5 hours CME, has been conducted 4 times since December with participation by 43 experienced clinicians including the chiefs of Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology, Infectious Disease, Geriatrics, General Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Physical Medicine, Allergy and Immunology and Hematology. The list of those who have participated and their evaluations of the session are shown below. The workshop is a part of a commitment on the part of the Department of Medicine to begin the transformation of clinical practice in the direction of relationship centered and whole person care.

List of participants

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Overall Experience

  • Thought provoking. Forced – compelled – me to look at patient-caregiver relationship from new fresh perspectives.
  • Excellent.
  • Overall this was a very valuable and reflective workshop that really highlighted the importance of the patient relationship.
  • Very worthwhile. Left wanting /looking forward to seeing where this leads…
  • Positive. I learnt items that I can apply and teach.
  • Good opportunity to be aware of impairments and to see others finding ways around it. Are students being taught this?
  • Not quite sure what I learned, perhaps to focus on my role in medical care as a person.
  • Very good idea. This workshop should be part of the medical curriculum.
  • Still a bit nebulous as to next steps + integrative.
  • Excellent session on a topic often ignored but essential to our practice.
  • Enjoyed the experience. Would have given much more time to the different stances.
  • Excellent experience, positive as our care.
  • Very good group size; would encourage keeping gender balance/representativity.
  • Very useful, will stimulate my thinking / practice.
  • Very useful for me as a doctor. Very valuable for me as a person.
  • Worthwhile, beyond my expectation.
  • Very favourable. Allowed for introspection in my own practice.
  • Good.
  • Enjoyed it/learnt from it.
  • When I came I didn’t feel I needed this but I realised it was useful.
  • Good use of 4 hours. Given my present commitments I prefer ½ day format to full day.
  • I suspect I will be more focused/aware/engaged. Need to have more similar workshops to help us think of these aspects of Medicine.
  • Enlightening  - will need time to assimilate and apply.
  • Provided an opportunity to reflect on oneself.
  • Very noisy ventilation, difficult to hear facilitator at times without the mic, good use  of AV.
  • Mentorship of Tom Hutchinson was at the cutting-edge. Fantastic seminar with optimal interactions.
  • Very strong session engaging & stimulating. However, the moonshot video  at the end seemed out of place.
  • Very rewarding. Enlightening.