Nora Makansi


Nora joined the VOICE project in January 2015 as the lead on the school research to conduct ethnographic interviews with key informants (students in primary and secondary education as well as selected adults within the school setting) and participant observation in kindergarten classes.
Her undergraduate background is Dentistry. She completed her Masters and Doctoral studies at the department of community oral health at McGill University. In her Doctoral research, she used a mixed methods approach to examine the behavioral and socio-environmental factors associated with eating habits in an adolescent population.


Renata Bubadué

Renata is a registered nurse in Brazil and former research trainee at VOICE. She completed her Masters and Doctoral studies at Anna Nery School of Nursing at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her research interests include nursing advocacy care, children's rights and knowledge translation in the context of Children with Special Health Care Needs and HIV/AIDS.





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