Welcome to VOICE: The Childhood Ethics Project  

(VOICE: Views On Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics)  

VOICE: The Childhood Ethics Project is a collaborative committed to advancing knowledge and action relating to childhood ethics. Specifically, VOICE consists of youth leaders, interdisciplinary researchers, and community partners engaged in the promotion of education, research, policymaking, and practice that addresses ethical concerns among young people (NB: childhood, youth and young people refers here to all legal minors). A major focus of the VOICE collaborative is to promote the recognition of the moral experiences, voices and agency of young people.

VOICE is co-led by a VOICE Youth Advisory Council and university-based core faculty researchers.
As a collaborative, the core faculty researchers have committed to sharing their respective academic, research, and other relevant resources to support VOICE’s research, education and knowledge mobilization activities. These resources include research funding, physical and human resource infrastructural resources, educational or curricular materials, as well as their respective expertise and time in all aspects of VOICE’s activities. Resources are committed on an annual basis in light of VOICE’s principal priorities for each year.  

In affiliation with: 
McGill Centre for Research on Children and Families
McGill Global Health Programs
McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy 




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