Welcome to VOICE: Views On Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics

We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers and community partners that is working to advance the field of childhood ethics. Through our website, we aim to keep you updated on our educational activities and our ongoing work in this field.

VOICE is a research and practice development initiative conducted by an interdisciplinary research team in collaboration with a network of community partners and stakeholders. The principal aim of this initiative is to identify, investigate, and develop strategies for addressing ethical concerns relating to young people (NB: childhood refers here to all minors).

We gratefully acknowledge research funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) as well as generous funding support from the Newton Foundation.

What makes us special?

VOICE is a unique and innovative initiative. VOICE consists of a richly diverse interdisciplinary team, integrating knowledge production and knowledge utilization in all aspects of its work, using a participatory framework with active stakeholder input throughout all activities. Moreover, VOICE is advancing a vision of childhood ethics that bridges normative and empirical research with practice development in child-related services. A major focus of the VOICE team is to promote the recognition of moral experience and agency in the everyday lives of young people.

Global VOICE

We have a number of global child health initiatives in various locations around the world covering a range of topics from HIV/AIDs prevention to childhood disabilities and cancer, among others. VOICE is actively engaged in interdisciplinary research and practice development at the intersection of global child health and childhood ethics with a principal focus on promoting the recognition of the voice of young people in matters that affect them. We are affiliated with the McGill Global Health Programs. To know more about our programs, please click PDF icong150896_ghp-voice_flyer_2.pdf.


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