Postdoctoral position in Immuno AVAILABLE

The labs of Dr John White and Dr Jorg Fritz are seeking for an highly motivated postdoctoral fellow, who can begin in May or June 2018. The postdoc should have expertise in flow cytometry and mouse work, and competence in Bioinformatics would be an asset. The successful candidate will work in both lab environments. 

Our Research Teams

Professor John White has studied the mechanisms of vitamin D signalling and physiology for over 20 years. His laboratory investigates the molecular events underlying the roles of vitamin D in controlling cell proliferation and differentiation, and also discovered that the hormonal form of vitamin D is a direct inducer of antimicrobial innate immunity in humans.

The lab is composed of different teams working on various molecular genetics subjects (Immunity, Cancer, etc) with an special interest in hormonal vitamin D. The three main working teams are summarized below:

Regulation of innate immune responses to infection by vitamin D

manuella.bouttier [at] (Manuella Bouttier): Our goals are to understand the host macrophage response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb.) infection through the use of cutting-edge genomics techniques, as mRNA and miRNA microarrays and ChIP sequencing. Continue Reading

mark.verway [at] (Mark Verway): Our previous studies have shown that M.tb. infection of macrophages induces a broad-ranging transcriptional response on the part of the host. Continue Reading

Babak Memari: M.tb. infection of macrophages leads to multiple signal transduction events, which alter the function of numerous transcription factors controlling the host transcriptional response to infection. Continue Reading

Molecular mechanisms underlying the cancer chemopreventive actions of vitamin D signaling

Reyhaneh Salehi Tabar: The laboratory has been interested for several years in the understanding the molecular events underlying the growing clinical evidence that vitamin D has cancer chemopreventive actions. Continue Reading

vassil.dimitrov [at] ( Vassil Dimitrov): Our goal is to analyze by ChIPseq the effect of vitamin D treatment on the binding of cMYC and MXD1 to DNA on a genome-wide scale. Continue Reading

fatemeh.fekrmandi [at] (Fatemeh Fekrmandi): Our main goals are to study the role of the VDR and FBW7 in controlling the proteasomal degradation of subunits of NF-kB. Continue Reading

Regulation of gene transcription by the corepressor LCoR

mario.calderon [at] (Mario R Caldero)mario.calderon [at] (n): The White laboratory identified LCoR (ligand-dependent corepressor) as a corepressor of ligand-bound nuclear receptors, a class of hormone-regulated transcription factors. Continue Reading







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