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World Islamic and Middle East Studies


Our undergraduate programs in World Islamic and Middle East Studies offer you an interdisciplinary education of the Islamic world. Combining humanities and social-science approaches, this program introduces you to the textual traditions and social life of Muslims - and non-Muslims interacting with them – in different times and places, including but not limited to the Middle East.  

You will learn about the complexity and variety of Muslim societies and cultures across the world, paying attention to regional specificities while also becoming aware of past and present global links.  

A solid grounding in language training (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, or Urdu), will complement your courses in history, law, sciences, philosophy, art, literature, political science, and anthropology. These courses combine knowledge about the contemporary Islamic world and the traditions that are important for understanding it. 

The Institute of Islamic Studies offers a Major and a Minor Concentration, an Honours, and Joint Honours Program for student wishing to pursue more in-depth studies.


Majoring in Islamic Studies can take you down many academic and career paths. Maybe you'd like to pursue graduate studies, become a foreign correspondent, or bring cultural sensitivity to your work with Islamic communities.  
Your knowledge about global history and current affairs will compliment all kinds of work. You could work as a: 

  • Policy analyst 
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer 

Library room

Student Experience

You’ll have access to a library equipped with some of the most important manuscripts and reference materials of Islamic Studies, offered through McGill University and the University of Tehran. The Tehran Branch has produced over 100 volumes of major works by Islamic-Iranian scholars, many of which are accompanied by introductions and translations into foreign languages.

Though the library itself is in the University of Tehran, many publications put out by the branch have been digitalized and can be accessed through the Tehran Branch Publications page.

Possible minors

Minors are a great way to customize your academic experience. Many students use minors to pursue interests outside their major, while others choose minors to complement their degree.

Complimentary Minors include:

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Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Arts.

See the full eligibility information for more information about deadlines and required documents for your application.

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