Sustainability, Science & Society (Bachelor of Arts and Science)


The grand challenge of the 21st century is sustainable well-being; that is, to improve human well-being while maintaining the Earth's life-support systems. As individuals, sometimes tackling these sustainability challenges seems daunting.

The Sustainability, Science & Society (SSS) program recognizes individuals must come together to solve our grand challenges, through an interdisciplinary approach. The curriculum aims to provide students with integrative and coherent knowledge across a range of disciplines such as Science and Technology, Economics, Policy, and Governance, as well as Ethics, Equity, and Justice, which constitute the pillars of the program. Through this program, you will learn the skills required to effectively understand and address complex challenges from a multi-dimensional -scientific-technological, socio-economic, political-institutional, ethical, and human behavioural- approach, while charting a transition to sustainability.

The SSS program uniquely aims to cultivate the leadership skills necessary for solving sustainability challenges through what we call core competencies. Minor and elective requirements can both provide additional depth in particular areas of studies.


SSS graduates find work in a variety of sectors, depending on the issues to which they want to apply their sustainability knowledge. Graduates can expect to be competitive for jobs in:

  • the public sector, working for governmental bodies or agencies
  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at the local, national, and international level
  • multi-national organizations like development banks or the United Nations
  • private sector businesses or consulting, in which there is growing demand for practicing sound sustainability practices.

Recent graduates have worked at The Nature Conservancy, Cities for People in Montreal, and more.

Possible minors

Minors are a great way to customize your academic experience. Many students use minors to pursue interests outside their major, while others choose minors to complement their degree.

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