Russian Culture


In the Minor in Russian Culture, you will explore a rich variety of cultural work from Russia. Study celebrated works of literature from the nineteenth century onwards, Soviet film, themes in Russian culture, and more. This program allows you to learn about Russian culture without taking Russian language courses. 

Russian thinkers have made great contributions to human society, comparative literature and linguistics. Because of similarities in geography, climate, industrial and economic growth, you may be particularly drawn to Russian studies if you have an interest in Canadian society. 


Studying Russian culture will help you to critically engage with ideas and communicate effectively and persuasively — key skills in any career path. You may choose to pursue further studies in Russian culture, but this will generally require knowledge of the language.  

You could become a professional:  

  • Journalist 
  • Diplomat 
  • Community worker  
  • Researcher  
  • Historian 

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Arts.

See the full eligibility information for more information about deadlines and required documents for your application.

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