Quebec Studies


The Minor in Quebec Studies and Community-Engaged learning will provide you with a better understanding of Quebec’s history and culture. You will take core courses within the department and a selection of other complementary courses in areas like political science, Canadian studies, French language and literature, and history.  

In this unique program you can take advantage of a community engagement approach to learning within the Montreal community. In collaboration with the Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office, you can link academic course content with a hands-on experience within a Montreal community organization. Explore issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Montreal context.  

You’ll need a basic understanding of the French language in this program as several core courses are taught in French, but you can submit your coursework in either French or English. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself and improve your French comprehension skills. 


The Quebec Studies program will help you to improve your French and provide you with universally useful skills in areas like communication, critical thought, and research. Depending on your major, it can help you to further expand your career opportunities. You may want to work with the Quebec government, or even pursue graduate studies in the field.  

Depending on you Major, some careers include:  

  • Lawyer  
  • Politician  
  • Educator  
  • Analyst 

Quebec Studies

Student Experience

Each summer the Quebec Studies program offers internships and work placements to McGill’s Faculty of Arts students in collaboration with the Arts Internship Office. You could work in a leading Quebec institution, like L’Institut du Nouveau Monde, Fédération des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ), Le Devoir, Assemblée nationale du Québec. 

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Arts.

See the full eligibility information for more information about deadlines and required documents for your application.

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