Music Performance: Piano


Piano majors at McGill are trained in all aspects of a professional career, with a focus on the solo repertoire requirements for undergraduate exams. You will take courses in performance, music theory and history, musicianship, professional training, and more.

The program offers many performance opportunities within and outside of the school: weekly Piano Tuesday recitals in our small hall, regular student soloist concerts in the larger halls, studio classes, public studio recitals, two annual concerto competitions, and visiting master classes.


The Piano program is aimed to help you to pursue a career in performance. However, your courses in music theory, history, professional skills and diction will allow you to pursue many different career paths after graduation. You can even choose to pursue performance while holding other jobs related to music.

You could become a professional:

  • Performer
  • Songwriter
  • Music theorist
  • Music journalist
  • Producer

Possible minors

Minors are a great way to customize your academic experience. Many students use minors to pursue interests outside their major, while others choose minors to complement their degree.

Minors that complement this program:

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Schulich School of Music.

See the full eligibility information for more information about deadlines and required documents for your application.

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