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The BCL/JD program breaks the mold for legal education in our fast-paced, globalized world. At McGill, you can gain a broad understanding of the law that is not confined to specific jurisdictions. Through our pluralistic approach, you will learn legal concepts through the lens of common law and civil law, as well as Indigenous legal traditions. Upon graduation, students receive two law degrees: a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL). You can also pursue one of two optional majors: Commercial Negotiation and Dispute Resolution or International Human Rights and Development.

Our proudly bilingual program strengthens critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and prepares you for global challenges. It gives you the tools to tackle complex questions that go beyond a single right answer.

Our program is renowned globally. McGill Law was ranked 20th in the world by the Times Higher Education (Nov. 2019).

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Equipped with McGill Law BCL/JD degrees, you are eligible for the Bar of any Canadian province, several US states, and elsewhere internationally. Our alumni are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, the South Pacific, and all over the Americas.

Our graduates go on to work for law firms of all sizes, national and international corporations, NGOs & non-profits, and the public sector. Some have even launched private consulting practices!

McGill Law degrees open doors to a wealth of exciting career paths. After graduation, you could:

  • Defend human rights and climate justice
  • Negotiate multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions for your corporate clients
  • Represent sports and entertainment figures
  • Start a company leveraging artificial intelligence
  • Support access to justice for Black people, Indigenous people and people of colour
  • Work as a criminal prosecutor at the International Court of Justice

Did you know? As of 2020, seven McGill Law alumni sit in Canada’s House of Commons, and three of them are Cabinet Ministers. Two McGill Law alumni are also sitting judges of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Student experience

Academics and clinical experience

First-year BCL/JD students start each semester with an Integration Week. During these weeks, students discover the major legal traditions on which the curriculum is based through plenaries as well as small-group activities.

The BCL/JD program offers many opportunities to gain practical experience. You can participate in advocacy competitions (moot), clerk for a judge, volunteer at a legal clinic, work as an editor for a law journal or as a research assistant for a professor, or complete a human rights internship.

Student engagement

Whatever your interests, there is a way for you to get involved! You can serve as a member of Faculty Council, join Innocence McGill, connect with alumni mentors, or sign up for our outreach program for disadvantaged youth. There are also associations for Black, Indigenous, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and LGBTQ* law students and their allies. Many clubs cater to specific interests or areas of law, such as food law, linguistic rights, business law, and refugee assistance.

You can act in the Actus Reus theatre group, sing in the Transsymphonics choir, write in the Quid Novi student paper, or speak on the LegalEase student radio show. And let’s not forget our intramural law hockey team, as well as dodgeball, squash, football, yoga, and running groups!


McGill Law has a strong international reputation for its highly distinctive, critical, and pluralistic approach to education and research. Our professors view law as a social force with diverse origins and multiple forms. Their work connects with a rich range of disciplines and perspectives, such as politics, philosophy, literature, sociology, economics, geography, history and cultural studies.

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