Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Latin-American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the peoples, cultures, history, literature, politics, economy, and geography of Latin America and the Caribbean.   

This program offers a broad understanding of the region, language and research skills required for advanced scholarship. It also encourages the free exchange of ideas and perspectives to foster an environment suitable for reflection and critical analysis.  

You can take courses on Latin American and Caribbean culture and media throughout different periods, and the history and politics of the regions. Choose from complementary courses in anthropology, economics, geography, and Hispanic studies to focus in on select disciplines while gaining more insight into the realities of these culturally and historically rich areas.  


Since the LACS program offers such a broad understanding of topics like language, geography, culture, history and politics, you can enter many different career paths. You can also further your degree by attending graduate school to focus your attention on a more specified area of interest.  

You can get a career in:  

  • Foreign Relations 
  • Non-profit Sector  
  • International and Community Organizations 
  • International Development and Human Services  
  • Research 
  • Teaching/Education Administration

Possible minors

Minors are a great way to customize your academic experience. Many students use minors to pursue interests outside their major, while others choose minors to complement their degree.

Minors that complement this program:  

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