Education for Arts Students


The Education for Arts Students Minor is a great opportunity to follow your passions and interests in the arts while developing your skills as an educator. 

This program will give you a solid footing in the basics of pedagogy and could act as a starting point towards a B.Ed. degree. You will take courses on the philosophy of education, policy issues related to education, equity and education, and more.  

This minor doesn’t qualify you to enter the teaching profession, but it serves as an excellent introduction to issues in education while you pursue your interests within the arts.


While the Education for Arts Students Minor does not allow you to start teaching right after graduation, it will provide you with the tools to become an effective educator. You can apply your knowledge to community work, advising, and more. Some students enjoy the program so much, they continue on to a B.Ed! 

You could become a professional:  

  • Program animator  
  • Community worker  
  • Educational technology developer  
  • Academic advisor

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Arts.

See the full eligibility information for more information about deadlines and required documents for your application. 

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