Chemistry (Bachelor of Arts and Science)


Chemistry is often referred to as the 'central science’ — it plays a crucial role in our survival and day-to-day activities and is at the heart of the production of most of our consumer goods and infrastructure. Chemistry is also at the forefront of research that seeks to solve humanity's most daunting challenges, including global warming, the scarcity of fossil resources, energy efficiency, food production, and health.

Studying chemistry sharpens your aptitudes within and beyond the lab, helping you develop strong research and problem-solving skills. The collaborative nature of chemistry also teaches you how to work and communicate effectively as part of a team – skills essential for project management.


As a chemistry graduate, you may choose to pursue graduate studies, positions in industry and teaching, or further studies in professional programs in medicine, law, business administration, and public health.

You could become a professional:

  • Forensic scientist
  • Toxicologist
  • Pharmaceutical chemist
  • Hazardous materials management chemist

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