Canadian Studies


Offered through the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC), the Minor in Canadian Studies allows you to take interdisciplinary courses on Canada across different departments within the Faculty of Arts.  

In this program, you can explore Canada from all scholarly angles and analyze diverse topics, contexts, and perspectives. You will be introduced to issues of geographical, political, cultural, and social diversity across Canada.  


When you graduate, you will have a thorough grasp on the study of Canada from a variety of angles. The program’s interdisciplinary approach will leave you with knowledge and skills that can be applied to a variety of different career paths.  

You could become a: 

  • Journalist 
  • Educator 
  • Government Worker 
  • Politician 
  • Historian 

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Arts.

See the full eligibility information for more information about deadlines and required documents for your application. 

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