Atmospheric Environment and Air Quality


How does atmospheric circulation and chemistry affect air quality? The rapid expansion of industrialization has been accompanied by a host of environmental problems, many of which, if not most, involve the atmosphere. Some problems are of a local nature, such as air pollution in large urban centres, while others are global, or at least reach areas far removed from industrial activities.

The emphasis in this domain is on the mechanisms of atmospheric flow and on atmospheric chemistry. Courses examine how the atmosphere transports pollution, lifting it to great heights into the stratosphere or keeping it trapped near the ground, moving it around the globe or imprisoning it locally, or how it simply cleanses itself of the pollution through rainfall. The Domain also gives students the training required to understand the important chemical reactions taking place within the atmosphere, as well as the know-how necessary to measure and analyze atmospheric constituents.


This degree can lead you to exciting careers in industry, government, and academic research. Possible careers include:

  • Climate Change Analyst
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Atmospheric Modeller

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