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Mathematics (Faculty of Arts)

Can be taken as: Supplementary Minor, Joint Honours, Major Concentration, Minor Concentration

Mathematics and statistics are omnipresent in today's world of information and technology. Their theories, models, and methods are integral to the way we analyze, understand, and build the world around us. They play a key role in nearly every effort to push the boundaries of science, engineering, medicine, and social sciences and contribute, in a major way, to solving some of the most pressing human, environmental, and economic problems of our time.

The department’s programs provide a broad and solid mathematical and statistical education that paves the way to many interesting career options in academia, government, and industry. Top students typically get admitted to prestigious graduate schools around the world and often become leaders in their areas of research in academic or industrial settings. Its graduates at all levels are in high demand in government departments, health research centers, banks, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, statistical agencies, and multinational high-technology industries.

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Major Concentration Mathematics (36 Credits)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Minor Concentration Mathematics (18 Credits)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Joint Honours Component Mathematics (36 Credits)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Supplementary Minor Concentration in Mathematics (18 Credits)