With two months of summer vacation at the end of first year, a summer research bursary is an opportunity to expand your research experience, to try out research for the first time, as well as make some money for Med II textbooks.

The Faculty of Medicine offers a limited number of summer research bursaries to medical students (including Med-P). Awards are also available for students in the Speech-Language Pathology, Physical and Occupational Therapy and Nursing programs and a separate bursary program is available for Dentistry students through the Faculty of Dentistry (please refer to Dentistry link below). It is expected that the student be thoroughly involved in scientific experimentation and not mainly in data collection. All research must be carried out under the direction of a McGill University faculty member. You may approach a faculty member on your own or you may consult the list of projects submitted by faculty members that is available on the website You should organize a project in which you will have a definite and important role. Ideally, you should be involved in a literature search, the formulation and understanding of the methodology involved (which itself must be of a high scientific caliber), and in the interpretation, writing and presentation of the findings. Students must be in good standing and not on probation.

The summer projects involve eight consecutive weeks of full-time research and must be carried out during the summer months (June-August). The bursaries are generally about $2,834 each and must not be held concurrently with any other summer bursary. Your work will be evaluated for inclusion in the Medical Student Performance Record, which is needed when applying for internship and residencies. A "Student Research Day" is organized every November to allow students the opportunity to present their findings in a scientific forum. Prizes for best poster presentation and final report are awarded.

The Faculty also offers a more limited number of fall and winter research bursaries to support ongoing student research interests. A fall and winter research project is a commitment, which is agreed upon by both student and supervisor, and must be a continuation of a summer project. The amount of the bursary is $2,000 per student for 3 months of part-time research and $1,417 for 1 month of full-time research. A prize is available for a meritorious student whose written report is judged the best by the Student Research Committee.

More information is available in Room 637, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building or on the web site

Jennifer Nemes
Trainee Awards Coordinator, Bursary & MD/PhD Programs
Room 637, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
Tel: 514-398-1603
Email: [at]

For more information regarding dentistry research, please visit:

Summer Bursaries in Medical Education

The McGill Centre for Medical Education offers two summer studentships during the summer months. These are designed to afford students an opportunity to participate in the design and development of an educational research project.  For more information, please contact the Centre for Medical Education at 514-398-4987.


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