Trauma & Global Health Fellowships

Opportunities for LMIC Participants

Summer Student Fellowships
Six one-month Summer Student Fellowships (stipends) will be awarded to qualified graduate students or faculty members from local research teams to attend the McGill Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry. The project will cover the airfare, living allowance, McGill-student fees, plus use of library and hospital facilities.

In-Service Research and Training Scholarships
Six three-month scholarships will be awarded to professionals and qualified staff from research country teams to attend the McGill summer program and work under tutorship at the DHRC, JGH and MCH Hospitals under the supervision of one of the Co-Principal Investigators in Montreal. The fellowship will cover airfare plus a living allowance, including McGill-student fees, use of McGill library and computer facilities.

Training activities for this scholarship may include a combination of the following:


How to Apply

Young researchers from LMICs interested in a fellowship opportunity within the Trauma and Global Health Program should contact the local Principal Investigator of the appropriate country in which they wish to work.

For Peru, please contact Ms. Ines Bustamante.
For Guatemala, please contact Dr. Victor Lopez.
For Nepal, please contact Dr. Bhogendra Sharma.
For Sri Lanka, please contact Mr. Chamindra Weerackody.

Opportunities for McGill Students

Small Research Grants

Selected Northern trainees (McGill postdoctoral, PhD or Masters’ students) can be awarded a small grant on a competitive basis, to make a site visit (3-4 month duration) and provide support to ongoing field research under the supervision of a southern Co-Principal Investigator.

How to Apply

McGill students interested in applying for a small research grant must contact Consuelo Errazuriz, program manager.

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