global health

Suman Fernando

Selected Publications Fernando, S. (2009, September/October). Wellbeing for All. Openmind 159, 14. Fernando, S.& Weerackody, C. Challenges in Developing Community...

Chamindra Weerackody

Selected Publications Fernando, S. & Weerackody, C. (2009). Challenges in Developing Community Mental Health Services in Sri Lanka . Journal of Health Management 11...

Other publications of interest

Foxen, P. (2010). Local narratives of distress and resilience: Lessons in psychosocial well- being among the K'iche' Maya in post war Guatemala. The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean...

Paula Godoy Paiz

Selected Publications Godoy Paiz, P. (2008). Women in Guatemala’s Metropolitan Area: Violence, Law, and Social Justice. Studies in Social Justice 2(1), 27-47.


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Trauma & Global Health Fellowships

Opportunities for LMIC Participants Summer Student Fellowships Six one-month Summer Student Fellowships (stipends) will be awarded to qualified graduate students or faculty members from local...

Bittersweet Celebrations in Kosovo

By hanna.kienzler [at] (Hanna Kienzler)


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