Equity, Diversity and Inclusiveness

The ICE CREATE is dedicated to the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusiveness. The following resources are available for our students:

McGill Resources

McGill's EDI resources are listed on the Equity at McGill website. This page also includes information on employment equity, equity education, EDI in research, and preventing and responding to misconduct at McGill.

External Resources and References

Here you will find a university EDI action plan, funding applications, resources and codes of conduct for our partner universities:


Resources for McGill Students:



Resources for Concordia Students:



              Resources for ETS Students:



Resources for Polytechnique students:




We are confident that participants will build a supportive and collaborative atmosphere at our events. The following points explicitly describe appropriate behaviour at our events. All participants agree to:

  • Contribute to creating a welcoming, inclusive and accessible environment for everyone. Participants may vary in race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, civil status, age, religion, political conviction, ethnic or national origin, ability and more. Be respectful of different viewpoints and experiences and be considerate of how the words you choose may impact others. Be patient and respectful of the fact that English and/or French may be second (or third, fourth, etc.) languages for some participants.
  • Adhere to personal boundaries. Ensure that consent for physical contact is explicit, conscious, and continuous—not implied. Be mindful of individuals who may need time alone, or who are not comfortable discussing particular topics. If you are unsure whether your behaviour towards another person is welcome, ask them. If someone tells you to stop, do so.
  • Respect the privacy and safety of others. If you would like to take photos, videos or audio recordings of others (including speakers), obtain their consent first. If you would like to share others’ personal experiences or identifying information, obtain their consent first.
  • Be considerate of others’ participation. Everyone should have an opportunity to be heard. Please keep comments, questions and discussion contributions succinct to allow maximum engagement by all participants. Do not interrupt or speak over others—wait to be recognized by the speaker/moderator if applicable.
  • Speak up for community members. If you see something inappropriate happening, speak up. If you don't feel comfortable intervening but feel someone should, please feel free to ask a member of the HBHL staff or HBHL Trainee Committee for support.
  • As an overriding general rule, please be intentional in your actions and humble in your mistakes. Please be generous when others admit to their own mistakes.
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