Dr. Mark Driscoll, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, École Polytechnique of Montreal & B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering, McGill University.

We would like to welcome Dr. Driscoll to the CREATE program.  Dr. Driscoll is a new supervisor and co-grantee. 



Stuart Kozlick, Medical Device & Technology Executive | Clinical Innovation Leader | Healthcare Systems Strategist.

Mr. Kozlick is a new member of the CREATE Committee, welcome!


McGill Dobson Cup 2021


Remote Optical is working to provide medical solutions for eye doctors to remotely examine, diagnose, and monitor patients with eye diseases. Congratulations on making it to the finals, best of luck!

McGill Dobson Cup 2020

Second Place: GynAware

GynAware aims to improve the quality of life for women with uterine fibroids by offering an integrated and cost-effective biopsy solution, enabling gynaecologists to streamline decisions based on a pre-surgical diagnosis and reducing patients’ anxiety.


3rd Place: OpAI

OpAI Innovations assists medical practitioners in providing the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing breast surgeries through the use of an intraoperative imaging tool to assess breast symmetry.


NURA Medical

NURA Medical

NURA Medical aims to reduce human error and increase efficiency of care in pediatric emergency departments through the development of user-friendly, automated intravenous solutions.​

McGill Dobson Cup

Denovogen: Denovogen is a biomedical technology company focused on the design and commercialization of
innovative medical devices. Our first product aims to improve communication and visualization in the surgical


Gynoteck: Gynoteck is a leading innovator in medical diagnostics, preventative, and treatment methods for
women’s health. We aim to personalize medicine as every woman is different.


Tracheo-Sure: Tracheo-Sure aims to revolutionize endotracheal intubation for airway management by creating
a surgical device to improve speed, efficiency, and patient safety while reducing overall healthcare cost and 
improving medical education.



Steve ArlessSteve Arless, one of Canada’s leading medical device entrepreneurs joins McGill’s Department of Surgery
Prominent McGill alumnus Steve Arless, BSc’71 (Chemistry), returned to his alma mater this fall as Professor of Practice in the Faculty of Medicine as part of the Department of Surgery’s new, cutting-edge, Surgical Innovation Program.
- Med e-News - December 2016


Government of Canada announces a $21.4 million investment in innovative research projects that prepare science and engineering graduates for jobs
Team at McGill University will pioneer a training model that fosters team-oriented innovation for new ground-breaking surgical instruments
- NSERC Press Release - April 14 2016


Research project led by RI-MUHC scientist gets $1.65 M from NSERC for training project
CREATE project to prepare students for high-skills work in surgical-devices industry

- McGill University Health Centre Press Release - April 14 2016

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