ENVR 301 Environmental Research Design (3 credits)

Offered by: Bieler School of Environment (School of Environment)

Administered by: Faculty of Science


Environment : Techniques used in design and completion of environmental research projects. Problem definition, data sources and use of appropriate strategies and methodologies. Principles underlying research design are emphasized, including critical thinking, recognizing causal relationships, ideologies and bias in research, and when and where to seek expertise.

Terms: Fall 2024, Winter 2025

Instructors: Sengupta, Raja (Fall) Freeman, Julia (Winter)

  • Fall - Downtown campus; Winter - Macdonald campus

  • Section 001: Downtown Campus

  • Section 051: Macdonald Campus

  • Restrictions: Restricted to U2 or higher

  • Prerequisite(s): Completion of U1 Required courses in Environment, or permission of instructor.

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