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  • McConnell Engineering Building
  • Room 350
  • 3480 University Street
  • Montreal QC H3A 0E9
  • Telephone: 514-398-3647
  • Fax: 514-398-7379
  • Email: studentaffairs.bioeng [at]
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About the Department of Bioengineering

About the Department of Bioengineering

The Department of Bioengineering, established in 2012, is the newest academic unit in McGill University’s renowned Faculty of Engineering. In Fall 2016, the Department launched a full-time undergraduate program, admitting its first cohort of students. The program is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge in natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics, as they relate to the field of bioengineering. Those pursuing an undergraduate degree in Bioengineering may select courses in one of the following three streams:

  • Biological Materials, Mechanics, and Sensing
  • Biomolecular, Cellular, and Tissue Engineering
  • Biological Information and Computational Bioengineering
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Bioengineering Faculty

Department of Bioengineering Faculty

Dan V. Nicolau
Dan V. Nicolau; Amine Kamen; Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu; Yu (Brandon) Xia.
Associate Professors
Allen Ehrlicher; Adam Hendricks; J. Matt Kinsella; Georgios Mitsis.
Assistant Professors
Codruta Ignea; Sara Mahshid; Natalie Reznikov; Caroline Wagner.
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Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) - Bioengineering (142 credits)

Program credit weight: 142-152 credits ...

For more information, see Bioengineering (142 credits).

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