History of the Faculty

History of the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering began in 1871 as the Department of Practical and Applied Science in the Faculty of Arts with degree programs in Civil Engineering and Surveying; Mining Engineering and Assaying; and Practical Chemistry. Diploma courses had been offered from 1859, and by 1871 the staff and enrolments had increased sufficiently to justify the creation of the Department. Continued growth led to the formation of the Faculty of Applied Science in 1878. By 1910 there were ten degree programs offered, including Architecture and Railroad Engineering. Subsequent changes in the overall pattern of the University led to the creation of the Faculty of Engineering in 1931 with a departmental structure very similar to that which exists at present.

For a detailed history of the Faculty from 1811 to 2003, see mcgill.ca/engineering/about-us/our-history.

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