About the School of Continuing Studies

The School of Continuing Studies is a multidisciplinary academic unit with the primary goal of meeting the educational needs and aspirations of the adult members of a rapidly changing society. To this purpose, the School draws on its own human and physical resources and those in the rest of the University, and on expertise in the outside community. The clientele served is local, national, and international.

Programs and courses offered by the School of Continuing Studies are developed in collaboration with McGill faculties. Representatives of the business and cultural community, as well as faculty members and students, serve on advisory committees that oversee each program area. Programs offered include:

Career development: The School offers a wide range of certificate and diploma programs in the fields of Management, Education, and Languages and Translation, as well as courses and seminars designed to keep practicing professionals abreast of current developments. Find the right one for you

Faculty Partnerships and Summer Studies courses: These courses are designed for those who wish to pursue an interest or develop new understanding and skills. Learn more

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2022-2023 (last updated Apr. 21, 2022) (disclaimer)
School of Continuing Studies—2022-2023 (last updated Apr. 21, 2022) (disclaimer)
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