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Browse Academic Programs offered by the Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Degree programs at the undergraduate level in the Faculty may lead to a B.Sc. degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Ag.Env.Sc.), a B.Sc. degree in Food Science (F.Sc.), a B.Sc. degree in Nutritional Sciences (Nutr.Sc.), a B.Eng. degree in Bioresource Engineering or concurrent B.Sc. degrees in both Food Science and Nutritional Sciences. The Faculty also offers post-baccalaureate undergraduate Certificate programs in Food Science and Ecological Agriculture as well as a Diploma in Environment.

The Bieler School of Environment also offers several B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.) programs; for more information, please visit the Bieler School of Environment section.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2021-2022 (last updated Feb. 12, 2021) (disclaimer)
Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences—2021-2022 (last updated Feb. 12, 2021) (disclaimer)
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