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QLSC 600D2 Foundations of Quantitative Life Sciences (3 credits)

Offered by: Quantitative Life Sciences (Interfaculty Studies)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


QLSC : Provides an overview of important problems in the life sciences and introduces students to the latest computational, mathematical, and statistical approaches involved in their solution. Includes a survey of modern technologies for biological data acquisition and promotes a common language to communicate across the biological, physical, mathematical, and computational sciences. Topics will include bioinformatics and computational genomics, nonlinear dynamics in biological systems, linear and nonlinear models of biological signals, biophysical imaging technology, emergent behaviour in biophysical networks, and ecosystem dynamics and modeling.

Terms: Winter 2021

Instructors: Blanchette, Mathieu; Krishnaswamy, Arjun; Greenwood, Celia M T; Guichard, Frederic; Nadon, Robert; Misic, Bratislav; Cook, Erik; Iturria Medina, Yasser; Poline, Jean-Baptiste (Winter)

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