General Engineering Program

General Engineering Program

The General Engineering Program (GEP) is offered in addition to the Faculty of Engineering’s majors (Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Materials, Mechanical, Mining, and Software Engineering). The GEP permits students with strong mathematics, physics, and chemistry results in high school to pursue a common first-year curriculum without declaring a particular major program at the time of application. The GEP spans one academic year only (Year 0). Students then apply for placement and continue in an Engineering major program.

The GEP is not open to students with more than 6 transfer credits toward their engineering major (e.g., transfer credits from Advanced Placement (AP) exams or from courses taken at other universities).

Applicants who already know which major(s) they wish to study should apply directly for the major(s) rather than select the General Engineering Program option.

For more information about the General Engineering Program, see

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2015-2016 (last updated Mar. 4, 2015) (disclaimer)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) - General Engineering - Undeclared (30 credits)

The General Engineering Program (GEP) is a 30-credit course of study for the first year of a Bachelor of Engineering degree for students who have not completed a Quebec CEGEP diploma. Upon successful completion of these requirements, students must apply for placement and continue in a B.Eng. or B.S.E. program. ...

For more information, see General Engineering - Undeclared (30 credits).

Faculty of Engineering—2015-2016 (last updated Mar. 4, 2015) (disclaimer)
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