Faculty of Engineering, including Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning (Undergraduate)

The world is open to holders of a McGill Engineering degree. You'll find our graduates in every corner of the world, making major contributions to the success of industry. Our programs are designed to qualify you for immediate employment in a wide range of industries. Internships and co-op programs offer solid professional experience even before you graduate. Required courses emphasize principles that allow you to stay on top throughout your career. You'll be exposed to current technology in complementary courses taught by professors who are conducting acclaimed research in fields such as photonics, advanced materials, the environment, aerospace design, process control, robotics, and telecommunications.

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Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2015-2016 (last updated Aug. 17, 2015) (disclaimer)
Faculty of Engineering—2015-2016 (last updated Aug. 17, 2015) (disclaimer)
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