SBNH Leadership Program

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Why an SBNH Approach to Leadership Matters 

The Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program provides a unique opportunity for leaders to deepen their knowledge of leadership and management principles through a Strengths-Based approach, to enable them to create healthy and productive work environments for point-of-care providers.

This innovative leadership program is delivered online, including six days of training and six months of mentorship. Participants develop the skills to create equitable, culturally safe workplace environments that honour, develop, mobilize, and capitalize on the strengths of individuals and teams. Learning alongside leaders and managers from five hospitals in Toronto and Montreal, participants benefit from unique community-building, networking, and mentorship opportunities, while building capacity in SBNH Leadership.

About SBNH Leadership

SBNH Leadership (SBNH-L) is a unique, value-driven, embodied approach that guides leaders and managers to create equitable, culturally safe workplace cultures and environments that honour, develop, mobilize, and capitalize on the strengths of individuals and their team. SBNH leaders enable individuals, teams and organizations to provide knowledgable, compassionate, safe, high quality person family centered care. SBNH Leaders have skilled know-how to bring about change.

The SBNH-L’s underlying foundations of person-centered, empowerment, relationship-focused and innate capacities are operationalized by eight core values. These values guide SBNH Leaders’ actions. They include: systems-thinking; uniqueness; health and healing; multiple perspectives and creating meaning; self-determination; goodness-of-fit; timing-readiness-learning; collaborative partnerships.

SBNH Leaders strive to be humble, self-aware, authentic, open-minded, compassionate, courageous, credible, curious, creative, flexible, and resourceful. They have integrity, imagination, and operate from a growth mindset. They strive to be engaged, collaborative, systems- focused, solution-orientated, evidenced informed. These SBNH leadership qualities determine how the foundations and the eight core values are enacted to lead.

Overall Program Outcomes

By the end of this program learners will be able to:

  1. Integrate SBNH foundations, values, and qualities in their leadership vision, day-to-day interactions and decision-making.
  2. Recognize, develop, support, and mobilize potential strengths within themselves and within others.
  3. Set and communicate expectations and standards of what constitutes safe, equitable, high-quality patient and family centered care. 
  4. Leverage resources, structures, and processes to implement SBNH cultures and environments.
  5. Establish an equitable SBNH Leadership approach that strives to create a culture of belonging through a commitment to life-long learning about equity, diversity, and inclusion.
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